You can get more

Have you ever heard about erotic massage prague ? You say that you don´t know what about it is? It is a pity. You should amend that. You can look at our websites, where you can find all information about salon, about procedures, but also about our girls. You can find here also photos of our professional experts, so you can choose the girl at home and then only come to salon and immediately start your procedure. There is everything about your choice, so you can choose also how long will be your procedure. People usually choose sixty minutes, but it is possible pay for example ninety minutes or more. What can we offer you? We recommend you for example nuru or tantra procedures that are very specific, but you can choose also penis or prostate that are very intimate.

Don´t stay at home

Why stay at home, when you do not have to? We can offer you more than you think. There are not only luxury and comfortable rooms with their own bath and shower, but you can also avail our small bar, where is drink and food for you. If you need, we can assure special taxi for you. Our personal is absolutely discreet, so don´t be afraid of this.

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